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    1. FROM Electronic Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a regional sales agency of advanced and reliable electromechanical parts in Wuxi City,Jiangsu Prov of China. The company has a very rich electronic parts knowledge and sales experience. We can help manufacturers solve the problem of components in the research and development. In addition,the companies we have agent,are world famous brands,they have advanced technology,and the number of engineers accumulated rich experience and knowledge on electronic parts. By their technical support,the special designings of the model meet different markets,according to the special needs of the guests. Products are widely used in military, medical, communications, industrial, instrumentation,automotive, and service to the transportation, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering,oil and other industries.

      FROM electronic also fetches the other brands in from overseas according to the requirements of individual guests in China.So, if you are a good brand of electronic components, please contact us.We will strive to sell your products in the entire Greater China

      FROM electronic will be a marketing channel of your product."Professional, integrity and efficiency" is our philosophy,and pursuit of "perfect" is our faith.

      Willing to promot the common development hand in hand, and We will cooperate warmly to "a win-win situation and common progress."

      Major brand-name sales agent:

      RCD resistor and delay lines,including:wirewound precision,Ceramic Encased,High Voltage,High Ohm,Surface mount etc.
      E-SWITCH: Pushbotton,rocker,toggle,tact,DIP,Snap-action,Slide,keylock etc.
      EPCOS Capacitor:Film/Foil,Metallized Polypropylene,Power,Pulse capacitor,Feedthrough etc.
      VISHAY: resistor,transducer

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